Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Missed you my blog..

I have pushed myself so many time to write for my blog..but could not do it for such a long time. I had so many draft write ups  uncompleted in my computer , but just could not find time to finish it.
I have joined office almost 6 months ago and let me tell you the roller coaster ride that I have mentioned in my profile now seems to be in its peak enthralling moment! But I have to write today, it's the one thing that I just enjoy to do. So here I seat in my office at lunch time writing my blog again!
Things have changed so much.. joining the office after my delivery, coping with my separation anxiety , shifting to our new home and my baby Ishwari now turning one year old. I am looking forward to write about all these small and big things happening in my life again.. and hope fully with my 24 X 7   tight schedule  I will take out time to do something that I absolutely love......Writing!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Second hand..........

As my baby is growing at an alarming rate, I thought buying her a stroller will add up an adventure for her. Now little did I know how days have changed and we live in 2012 era where everything and I mean everything including that tini tiny strollers cost up a fortune. I spend days and days on internet to find a good looking, sturdy and in budget stroller for my child but in vain, I could not finalize a single one.

So what can a helpless mother do, I  simply went for a second hand stroller... Yes off course this decision was tried to be oppressed by my family members (this did not include my husband, he actually did not care) but I stayed firm and got it any ways.

To keep my guilt down, I now have to produce the following clarifications...

I got the stroller like I wanted in 1/4th price.

The thing will be used for only a why waste money

The baby doesn’t care if her stroller is new or a second hand.
Her smile says it all...

So what say, dose stroller from resale makes me a bad mother? Hmm I don’t know about that, but we are enjoying our evening strolls without doubt!

Sunday, 17 June 2012


As I wake up today, I was greeted by a slight drizzle and I couldn’t stop smiling. And as I write this post it has began to rain heavily (More smiles :-)).Monsoon has been my most fav season and the most I enjoy is the pre rain weather.

Last year before having my baby, I and my husband could go on ride in these rains on our bike. Although I cannot enjoy the rains much this year, I have very fond memories of previous years.

So here you go...few memories of rain and the rainydays,


Beautiful temple at Trimbakeshwar

Way to a hill top, Near our house in Nashik, India.

Bike Ride - 1
Bike Ride -2

Bike Ride - 3

yep, that's me!

And yep, that's my hubby!
On the way to my office in Nashik, India.
My office campus, Pune.

Borivali national park- view from my office guest house.
 clicked now, fresh view of rains outside my window.

 clicked now, view of my house in rains.

And did I tell you, It smells so of the best smell ever!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Debate.

Monsoon just started here... And although this is my most fav part of the year, my mind is clouded with a different debate.
Situation: I am supposed to join my office on 1st of July. And now I am feeling very uncomfortable about it.
Debate: Whether to join my office or to join it later (After 2-3 months)
Let me list out the pros and cons of joining it later.
·         My DD is small, and she still needs nursing. (6 months recommended by doc)

·         We will be shifting to our new home in next month, and my leave will help me settle down to the new place.
·         I am going to miss her a lot ( even thinking abt this now is making me nervous)

·         I can enjoy Mansoon much more at home than sitting in my office .
·         Till 1st july  it will be 7 months leave, as I have taken my maternity leave 2 months before due date. My official leave is of only 84 days, so will it be ok to ask them more?

·         Even if I took more leave it will be unpaid. We have just purchased a house, so big loan big EMI. So it will be a very tight financial situation.

·         Will it affect my future career??

I did discuss this with my hubby, friends and relatives (yes off course, I googled it too.)

I know putting you to sleep is toughest job in the world,
 but my heart aches to leave you alone.
And majority went with my leave extension.

But the debate is still on in my mind and I got to figure it out.... hoping for the best J

Sunday, 13 May 2012

3 months old..!

My dear Girl,

You turned three months today!

Yep I know how days had gone so fast and before you and I knew you are already three months old!In these three months you have achieved significant milestones. You have not grown to be just very pretty but also have become witty!!
Your first achievement was in language (ya girl after all..:) )                                               You became to grumble at some two months. But about 15-20 days ago you suddenly said your first word, it was ‘Anku’. Yep yours aunt’s name!
And then came cuoooh cuoooh...Ok that’s not a word actually, it is the voice of cuckoo.  So Three months and two words in your kitty, not bad

Some pastries on her 3rd month Bday
Now with verbal progress you have made physical progress too, this happened some one week ago. You now are able to completely turn over on your tummy, and are able to move a bit further with the force of your knee.  Clap clap clap bravo my child, we are so happy to see you move by yourself! But this had made us more alert, 24x7 you are under observation. Big pillows always surround you now and mama is extra alert at night when you sleep.
One more achievement is your grip. You now firmly hold any toys, cloths, hairs (ouch!) etc. that come along your way.

Not to forget, some of your new experiences like first rain. It was thrilling experience for you and for us too! (Don’t worry mama had recorded it all J) and a first walk (you in your grandpa’s arm) on the road.

And off course you have got a lovely name now too!
This sums up your three months big achievements.

 Happy birthday my dear princess J
PS: This Post was written on 8th may, but due to some technical hitch I am posting it today.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Naming ceremony

What kept me busy and away for a while from this blog was the naming ceremony of my child.Ok honestly most of the preparation was done by my sis, mom& husband in the said order...

So what kept me away was my laziness, but today I decided to write this post simply because I am so very eager to share the event..

We had a naming ceremony of my baby on 1st may. This day was decided for two reasons, first it was an auspicious day according to Hindu calendar and second it was Labour Day and Maharashtra day so there was a public holiday (I never understand, here in Maharashtra for what reason this leave is given. For the first reason or the latter or for both..)

So we had this event in a nearby reception hall, it was in the morning at 10 am. Guest were invited. The timing had really made me nervous, getting ready and making my baby ready before 10 am seemed to be a challenge for me. But I successfully achieved it J . (I had to wake up at 6 am in the morning).

We reached the reception hall by 9.30 as few arrangements were to be done. Guest began to appear and in a while the hall was full. The ceremony began...

This Ceremony is quit a simple, compared to other Hindu ceremonies. My baby daughter was kept in a cradle, cradle was decorated with flowers. We all sang some typical songs dedicated for this occasion. Then her aunt i.e. my SIL bend down, and whispered the name in my baby’s ears and we all rejoiced.
Whispering the Name!
The name was announced, and the name we kept is ‘ISHWARI’. It means goddess in Sanskrit. So my baby is now called Ishwari J
Here is the flex print I made for her to be displayed on the stage,
I admit although it looks very simple, I spend lot of time to make it perfect.

Then the ceremony was followed by a grand lunch!

The best part of this was how Ishwari kept silent throughout the function. First she slept till the time she was kept in cradle, and when she wakeup she kept on smiling and enjoyed the celebrations. She did not cried accept when hungry and it happened just twice... phew!

See, the girl kept sleeping..

Getting admired by my aunts ...

Off course this made her favourite of every one, and we the parents beamed with joy!

Friday, 13 April 2012

The Monkey saga..

A man enters our neighbouring house, Brings a ladder mount it on their wall and begins to look suspiciously all around. I was watching this from our window yesterday while playing with my baby.

I knew our neighbours were out of town, then who was this man a burglar or may be some criminal (No thankfully I did not thought that he was a terrorist). Ok I have to be a good citizen now, I grabbed my camera and began to take random photos of him and of the suspected crime site (aka of the ladder mounted on wall ;) ) The person went on the road and disappeared from the sight.

And while I was standing at the window waiting for him to return, I saw tree in our compound shaking. Puzzled I went to see, and whops....a huge monkey jumps out of it! I just freaked out, from where the hell this monkey came from. I instantly closed the widow and look around for my baby, ya she was fine, cycling her legs vigorously...

Monkey was now sitting on the compound, my Camera was handy... I was shaking with fear but still I managed to click two photographs!

And then I saw, this monkey had a baby too, in her arms. And at that moment fear disappeared and a feeling of empathy overwhelmed me. The monkey then jumped on the road and as it did one more small monkey came out from same tree and followed its mother. They went into the house in front of us. I watched them with bit of concern as they climbed and got disappeared in trees.

The monkey did not appear again, but I can still remember the way the monkey mother was holding her child. I hope they can reach at some safe place away from city.

Oh yes and about the suspected criminal, our neighbours are painting there house. He turned out to be a painter!